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Field Material Collections; Recycling with Fiber & Chemical Compound Recovery; Composite Product Manufacturing; R&D and Engineering; Education & Training

Where vertical integration strategies and circular economy principles meet

Field Services

A4S Field Service crews use specialized equipment designed for environmentally safe removal of materials from customer location.


Recycling: Fiber & Chemical Compound Recovery

A4S used multiple recycling processes used to generate raw material feedstock to produce new fiber-reinforced composite materials & products.
Mechanical Processing & our patent pending A4S Pressure Assisted Chemical Solvolysis (PACS)



70,000sqft manufacturing facility capable of producing a wide variety of composite materials & products made with A4S recycled materials.


Research & Development

A4S R&D and Engineering teams combine advanced equipment with materials science expertise to advance composite recycling & manufacturing technologies, product design, and aid in the discovery of the next generation of sustainable materials.

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