Paul Brown

Founder, Chief Executive Officer

Paul is a visionary, entrepreneur, and business owner with 25 years of business development and management success in various industries. He has been a key contributor in multiple successful startups and has led several capital raising campaigns. Years of leadership, organizational structuring, and team building abilities pave the way for the success of A4S. Paul earned a Bachelor of Science in Engineering Technology at Southwestern Oklahoma State University.

Lance Dobbins

Founder, President, Chairman

Lance is an entrepreneur and owner/operator of a multi-million-dollar ranching and cattle operation and is co-founder of Cowboy Energy Services. Lance has ownership interests in several other companies including two of which he serves on their Board of Directors. Lance also serves his community as a board member of the Thomas Economic Development Authority (TEDA). Known for his strategic financial decision-making abilities, negotiation skills, and business opportunity recognition, Lance is a valued member of the company’s leadership.

Lee Grubb

Founder, Executive Vice President

Lee has a successful 14-year energy landman career, initially in Oil and Gas acquiring leases, right of way, and mineral rights, before transitioning to wind and solar. Lee served as a landman/consultant for Trade Wind Energy, then Enel Group North America where he has consulted Enel on more than 3,000 MW of built Wind Assets and over 1,500 MW of solar projects currently in development or being built. Lee is the co-founder of Cowboy Energy Services and is still active in lease acquisitions and right of way purchases in the US. Lee also owns and operates a ranching company in western Oklahoma and earned his Bachelor of Science degree from Oklahoma State University.

Cameron Bratten

VP of Operations

Cameron has a 25-plus year career of successful management and leadership experience, with a background developing and integrating systems, protocols, and processes to increase workflow efficiencies and profitability in manufacturing, oilfield services, and agriculture industries. His success stems from his relentless pursuit of the highest standards for excellence in Safety and Quality while maximizing throughput, and has a proven track record of turning struggling departments and organizations into successful and profitable ones. Cameron earned his Bachelor of Science in Engineering Technology at Southwestern Oklahoma State University.

Robert Oldak

PH.D., MBA, Chief Scientist

Robert is an industrial research and development scientist with twelve plus years’ experience working with adhesion, polymers, composites and other materials in mechanical, surface, and thermal testing in academia and industry. Seven years of formulation and processing experience leading to new products with improved properties and safety. Robert has expertise in oversight of research projects, connecting science & engineering in industrial R&D. Robert is a member of the American Chemical Society and has been credited with numerous professional publications.