Advanced 4 Solutions is a manufacturing company that generates its raw material feedstock through the recycling of wind turbine blades and other hard to recycle materials.

A company that solves a problem or meets a need has value. If that solution has positive environmental impacts, it can change the world.

Changing the world is what the founders of Advanced 4 Solutions, Inc envisioned when they founded the company in June of 2021. The goal was to build a company dedicated to solving the problems associated with recycling wind turbine blades and other hard to recycle products constructed with fiber-reinforced composites (FRC). The founders soon realized to be the best for the industry would require providing solutions for all phases of the FRC life-cycle process.

With that concept in mind, Advanced 4 Solutions, Inc decided to combine vertical integration strategies with circular economy principles to create the A4S Circular Solutions System.

A4S brings full circularity to the world through Field Material Collections; Recycling with Fiber & Chemical Compound recovery; Recovered/Recycled Product Manufacturing; Research & Development of materials, processes, and equipment.

Challenge the Impossible

Our mission and vision

  • To change the world by turning today's hard to recycle waste into the NEW products of tomorrow.
  • To be a company of integrity and generosity who values the safety and well-being of its people
  • To be a company that supports its customers through excellent quality and service
  • To be a company that positively impacts the environment through cutting edge R&D, recycling, and manufacturing innovations and organizational practices
  • To be a company that invests in the growth and success of the communities in which our people live and serve

Our beliefs

  • We will have INTEGRITY in our words and actions; our behaviors provide an outward display of our inward character
  • We will add VALUE to individuals, customers, communities, and the industries we serve
  • Pursue INNOVATION through the advancement of materials science, processes, equipment, and methodologies
  • We will accept RESPONSIBILITY for social, environmental, economic, safety, quality, and personal outcomes
  • As a company we will display SERVANTHOOD by putting the needs of others ahead of our own