Loading wind turbine blades.

Field Collection Services

Specialized Equipment:
A4S crews utilizes customized equipment designed for dustless material cutting,
material containment, and blade material removal.

Blade Material Tracking:
Material tracking software allows traceability from blade destruction to product manufacturing.

Based on wind farm or blade storage location, A4S will utilize both trucking and railroad services to transport blade sections to A4S Recycling facilities.

Certificate of Material Destruction
Certificate of Recycled Material

Customer Liability Protection:
$2M General Liability Insurance

A4S Written Guarantee:
No material collected by A4S will be LANDFILLED

Recycling Services

A4S Pressure Assisted Chemical Solvolysis (PACS)
Proprietary recycling process that allows the recovery clean, high-quality fiber and chemical compounds for use in new product manufacturing.

The A4S PACS system advantage:

  • Recovers fiber with material strength properties similar to virgin fiber
  • Chemical Compound recovery- multiple compounds with numerous applications
  • Recirculation/reuse of mild chemical solution and water
  • Net Zero Waste
  • Carbon Footprint Reduction

Manufacturing Services

A4S is a composites manufacturing company producing the highest quality of fiber-reinforced composite products. Our company has dedicated itself to manufacturing products using A4S recycled fiber and chemical compounds recovered from our ground-breaking proprietary recycling process.

  • 70,000sqft of Manufacturing Space
  • Automated Manufacturing
  • Thermosets & Thermoplastics capabilities
  • Multiple Open and Closed Mold processes
  • Additive Manufacturing (large scale 3D printing)
  • Certified recycled material documentation with each product manufactured